[i’m sorry but

i think i’m just going to go back to semi-hiatus

i just don’t feel happy rping minato right now]

[going to spend time on django

i think i should wait until more people come on]

((Hmm? Strange, I’ve never run across any post or something with proof that Makoto was his canon name..I’m sure there will be some sort of clarification in future games over his name.))

[Hm. Well, let’s hope so and that they just choose something other than calling him ‘The Blue-Haired Boy’ or just ‘him’ or any variation of ‘the one up there’.]

((I would think his canon name would be Minato Arisato, since the movie is a separate project from Atlus. Whereas PQ is one of Atlus’ games.))

[I thought there was some sort of proof or something that Makoto was the canon name? Hmmm

I’m hoping that there is clarification in future games over the name.]


i’m genuinely confused over minato/makoto’s actual name

people thought the movie name, makoto yuki was canon

but persona q is calling him minato arisato

atlus, what is his name

we’re going to need it if people in future games talk about him]

littlebluechild replied to your post “[um hey i’m awake and i want to plot with people …is anyone around]”

(( I would love too but unfortunately I have to head to bed soon ;; Maybe we can plot tomorrow Feenie? ))


hmm, anything really…


kind of don’t have much of an idea for a plot either otl]

raises hand


do you have a specific plot in mind or…?]


>…you really don’t have much to do…

>Are people just avoiding you now or something?

>Or maybe something else is going on?

>You decide to just stroll outside.

Go anon and pretend to be my character’s child,


➤ BUT HERE’s the CATCH! :

Try to incorporate in it a fact/reference to the other parent (without saying their name/URL/ship).

I’ll answer the anon and then also try to guess the ship, or say which one I think the child would belong best from.

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(Cute message of the day! Enjoy whatever time you have to spend with your beloved ones. Nice memories are an unsubstitutable good for us, and even better if you took a part in creating them. *Sings your favorite song for you*)

[Thank you!]

─ Anonymous

Minato continued to pet the cat.

yes meow
─ Anonymous


Minato pets the cat.

─ Anonymous

Ooh a cat

Can Minato pet the cat